Business Continuity During COVID-19

April 2, 2020
By Junior Villegas, Managing Director

It is hard to find an entity that is not affected by the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). Given the uncertainty and the resulting marketplace response, there is no doubt that businesses of every scale are feeling the effects of an unstable economy on their throughput, impacted means of production on their inventory and are concerned about operational expenses, business continuity and customer loyalty.

COVID-19 is not only an unprecedented disease but also event. There is no protocol or path of response robust or accurate enough to mitigate all of the impacts of this crisis. Organizations, large and small and all around the world need to be driven in their decision-making process, innovative in their capabilities and prompt in their actions.

While most outlooks for how 2020 will play out are grim, the fact remains that people, communities and our American business ecosystem is resilient. Effectus is hard at work with our partner clients crafting and executing business continuity plans rooted in the safety and health of both people and organizations.


COVID-19 Around The World

According to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) there are reported cases in all 50 states of the United States with the “peak of the curve” for infections, hospitalizations and casualties still having not arrived.

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The Day After COVID-19

Companies like Venmo, Whatsapp and Uber were all founded during the last crisis in our country. While the current environment is sobering to put it mildly, the fact is that some organizations will be nimble, act swiftly and thrive while others will not. 

It is important if organizations hope to be on the right side of history to consider all business aspects and create scenarios to evaluate and monitor the effectiveness of the business processes; making changes when appropriate. Although these times are not easy, companies have the opportunity to test their adaptability and achieve success while maintaining the wellness of its employees and clients.

It is unprecedented, it is scary, it is challenging. But this too shall pass. 

How Effectus Can Help

In these trying times, Effectus is helping our client partners crush operational inefficiencies and remove growth constraints quickly. Our focus on providing the peace of mind that the processes which we handle on behalf of our client family has allowed them to focus on capitalizing on the few areas of growth which exist in the market. Even with global operations being impact, Effectus continues to execute millions of transactions daily for our partners as part of our business continuity offering.

As part of our focus on helping organizations leverage the shift in consumer behavior towards ‘digital only,’ Effectus continues to provide product content creation, sourcing, QA, Hosting and syndication for hundreds of thousands of the products that our client partners carry. The recently launched SAAS platform ECP (Effectus Content Platform) is giving our partners a never before experienced view of the way their product’s story is being told within the different commerce platforms where they are featured. Having this visibility and quickly identifying the gaps in content quality that exist is enabling organizations to improve their digital presence and ultimately capitalize on potentially loss commerce sale: one of the only revenue lifelines which currently exist.

For organizations who play in the ecosystem of consumer products, Effectus provides a guaranteed ROI-driven process, innovation and digital transformation. We help improve operational efficiencies, facilitate scalable growth and drive measurable business outcomes with a keen focus on business continuity and digital effectiveness. Download the PDF or explore the slideshow below with our recommended action plan.