Customer-centric intelligence to transform business operations.

Engage is a customer engagement and intelligence platform for distribution and consumer packaged goods companies to effectively improve customer loyalty, manage the supply chain, drive marketing & sales effectiveness and optimize product mix.

Your competitors are answering these questions.

What are customers’ sentiments and their effect on the top line?


What is the actual impact of every marketing $ spent?


How effective are our sales efforts and where we need to focus?


How do we optimize your product mix to increase sales and profitability?


What changes should we make to your supply chain logistics to better serve customers?


What % of data is actually used in quick, confident and smart decision-making?

Can you get answers to these and more questions in a matter of minutes?


Answers to these questions with 360-degree insights give you the competitive edge and direct impact on your bottom line.

A simple platform answering unknown and complex business questions


Engage platform captures customer sentiments at every touchpoint and unifies with your internal data to create contextual visualizations and make intelligence available to the right person at the right time.

Customer Experience

Insights into customer experience delivery and satisfaction at every touchpoint and how to improve customer loyalty and wallet share.

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Insights to help you understand how marketing activities are driving customer behaviors and how to optimize your marketing spend.

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Sales Effectiveness

Deeper insights into sales efforts throughout the supply chain to help you identify what needs to be improved for driving targeted sales activities.

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Product Management

Insights to help you understand the performance of products against customer sentiments and optimize product mix to be efficient and more profitable.

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Warehouse & Distribution Management

Insights to help you understand warehouse and distribution channel efficiency and how to align operations with customer behaviors predictions and demand projections.

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Businesses get customer-centric intelligence to improve business operations with Effectus Engage.

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Find out how our platform helps your business engage with customers, understand the impact of their sentiments and what precise changes you need to make to improve sales and make operations more efficient.